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Demystifying Mediumship: A paradigm shift from the supernatural to the natural
by Marlene Mary Hanna 1999, All Rights Reserved.
POSTED: 9 January 2000

Supernaturalism frightens some, makes most cynical and ultimately degenerates into farce, so limits intelligent debate/research into psychic-mystical states of consciousness. As professional medium and trained philosopher, I suggest the naturalist ground of mediumship is based on non-local states of consciousness, which make the notion of "spirits, gods, all mediating externalities, human or divine", redundant.

Traditional channellers and their skeptics share a materialistic worldview based on 'commonsense'. For example, mediums believe the dead must survive and be present 'just-as-they-were' because they see them with their own eyes; and the future can be seen in advance (precognition). Skeptics believe nothing mediums see is reliable because commonsense deems time-space real, impen- etrable, separating one thing/dimension from another such that all mediums are frauds who use tricks like "cold reading" (essentially observing/questioning the client and guessing) to come up with apparently correct, but actually deceptive, information. Both rely on a dualistic metaphysics which separates material from spiritual realms. Each proposes an equally unsustainable reality. Mediums, a phantasmagoric one. Skeptics, a reductionist Newtonian one.

One side believes everything they see is as it appears and that rational analysis is irrelevant. The other believes that nothing mediums see is reliable and that only "rational" analysis counts. Neither side is willing to question their pet superstition or dispassionately investigate clairvoyant/mystical experience on its own terms. So the battle between the experienced but gullible, and the hostile-naive because inexperienced, continued.

Nevertheless, channellers do recognize the multidimensional reality through which information passes across temporal-spatial frames. While skeptics reduce reality to the physically measurable predictability of Newtonian physics. If they can't bite it, it doesn't exist. I think the reality is more subtle, sublime and natural than appearances suggest.

Long dissatisfied with supernatural explanations of my work, as with facile denials of it, I set about to find objective answers. I asked myself: 'In the absence of angels, How do I know the things I know?'. If belief in spirits, fate, karma, life-after-death are intellectually offensive to me, then do we have free will? What is its role? Why is there undeserved suffering? And where do we go after death? To answer these and other client questions, I set about objectively observing, analyzing, systematizing my own three-point clairvoyant process, detailing case studies of client sessions, and recording evidence of precognitive accuracy in the lives of my clients over years, decades. Thus did I set in motion a series of key reversals. (See my new book, In The Absence Of Angels, We Do It All Ourselves (AA)).

For example, my clairvoyant experience-analysis refute the supernaturalist notion that externalities (eg., spirits) source information and control the medium who becomes their "passive vehicle". Rather, I recognize an "active", internally-based mediumship triggered by disciplined meditative states. It refutes the believe that the dead survive just-as-they-were and comfort the living, but demonstrating the vision of the deceased - which is a very real clairvoyant experience - to, nevertheless, be the symbol, not the presence, of that persona. (I suggest that the symbol radiates from that consciousness' Memory Record Of Past And Future (see AA). The difference between me and other mediums is that I recognise the image of the deceased (or anything else) to be a symbol to be interpreted symbolically; while most mediums interpret it literally - as the real thing, present in the room, which it is not. So, the symbol does not prove "life-after-death", only that that cons- ciousness does communicate, without providing any information on exactly what that might mean. I further suggest that when we die, our vibration speeds to such high velocities that our consciousness becomes nearly neutral; no longer carrying our old personality with its emotional attachments - no longer concerned with the plodding material plane.

Precisely how do we access anomalous information? Clairvoyance is a form of purposeful dreaming arrived at via disciplined meditation. The Trinity of Practice is: Detachment (which I name Third State Detachment (TSD); Alignment (which I name The Clairvoyant-Client-Dynamic (CCD); Symbol Interpretation. Entering detachment, the medium becomes wholly neutral. Neutrality enables her/him to interpret client symbols (even experience them firsthand) without adding her own prejudices/ limitations. Next, s/he aligns her vibration 'in sync' with the client's (CCD) to know them directly. The discipline is rigorous, volitional and everyone can do it. Spiritual egalitarianism is inherent.

But, what kind of universe do we live in that enables us to thus access information non-locally? The interconnected universe in which everything is made up of energy vibrating. We-everything are energy forms continuously communicating, telepathically and otherwise.

But surely entering past-present-future is impossible!? Nope. Accurate precognition demonstrates the method. But aren't channellers really relegated to deceptive questioning of clients? Nope.

By altering our vibration "in sync" (temporary identity) with the object of our attention, we travel across 'temporal- spatial boundaries' which are merely cognitive constructs commonsense created to explain the Newtonian world and to keep chaos from descending. Quantum physics opened that closed box and recognized the fundamental continuity of all that is. Because time-space is annihilated in clairvoyance, non-local mind penetrates all time frames at will. Thus, we enter any person or scenario wherever it vibrates by temporarily mimicking their form.

Summary. Frequency change, not 'angels', allows us to access information from any form we lock our attention onto. I suggest the next leap in human consciousness entails everyone actualizing these stunning potentials.

Marlene Hanna could see the future when she was four, but never saw an angel. Probably the only medium in the world who doesn't believe in the supernaturalist explanations, her alternative view is available in her new book. Contact: radicalmedium@hotmail.com

Home > Archives > Paranormal > Demystifying Mediumship

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