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More Haunted Colleges
POSTED: November 98

Haunted Colleges - Mount Saint Mary's
by Geoff Gould
POSTED: 7 November 98

I am a freshman at Mount Saint Mary's college in Emmitsburg, Maryland. My friend's brother graduated from this school, and he has said that he has seen ghosts here. I myself have not seen any yet, but I have spoken with some upperclassmen and many seem to know about the ghost stories. My friend's brother and some upperclassmen here told me there is one particular room where no students are allowed to stay. Supposedly, furniture has moved around in the room when no one was around. In addition to this, my school is very close to Civil War battlegrounds. So perhaps some restless spirits from the war are still roaming around myschool.

Haunted Colleges - Young Harris College
by Laurie Cory
POSTED: 20 November 98

When I went to Young Harris College back in 87, I was told there was a ghost in the Arts building (Clegg). I'm not sure who the ghost was suposed to be but, one of the things to do on campus was to go "Clegging" to see if you could find the ghost. We tried to go one night but got caught by campus security. So, I don't know if it was just a story they tell freshmen or what. I do know that one of my friends started at the school this Fall and he said that he has heard the same story. I don't know... alot of weird stuff happened in our dorm though. There was the one room where the water would turn on by itself. The weird thing about it was one night we were teasing a couple of girls (who lived in that room) that a girl had commited suicide in that room and she haunts it. They suddenly looked at each other and said "no wonder the water comes on all the time!!" My roommate and I about freaked!! We were just kidding and there was something going on!! Kinda weird...

Haunted Colleges - San Jose State
by Dave Lundy
POSTED: 20 November 98

San Jose State (1857) in San Jose California was gathering site for Japanese internees during WorldWar Two. The old gym was used for processing and holding until the Internees were sent away. There have been lots of stories about the sounds of doors closing, crying, foot steps and voices --in a foreign language--, when no one is there. Also--it is very near the old Chinatown which was "mysteriously" (as a plaque downtown describes it) burned down and never rebuilt in the 1800's.

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Home > Archives > Paranormal > Haunted Colleges > More Haunted Campuses

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