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Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > Astral Projection as a Means of ET Transportation

Astral Projection as a Means of ET Transportation
by Davy Russell
POSTED: 14 February 99

This is an unusual subject to appear in an objective and somewhat skeptical journal such as the X-Project Magazine, but alas, we attempt to cover ALL aspects of Fortean and Occult science and therefore can make room for this outlandish topic.

In a recent friendly debate with the director of CAPSPA, a paranormal research committee, we postulated theories in an attempt to explain possible ways for extraterestrials to travel nearly incomprehensible distances of space. While some Ufologists will argue that aliens use super-advanced technology millions of years ahead of human evolution, skeptics debunk such claims of planetary travel as impossible, citing that it would take years of constant light-speed travel and an immense stash of expenditures to carry even the closest of alien neighbors to Earth. While debunking the theory that US military aircraft is evidence of alien technology since they are reverse engineered from alien craft, an interesting thought was born in my mind:

What if extraterestrials (should they exist) use astral projection to bridge the gap between their planet and Earth?

According to occult theory (and theosophy), the human being is a combination of several parts which include the physical body, the astral body (a spirit-like double of our physical body), and the soul. Parapsychologists and occultists have studied the astral body (and travel) extensively which is said to cause out of body experiences or OBEs, near death experiences or NDEs, sincronicity, etc... Through astral projection, some suggest the human can project, at will, their spirit-based double to any point in the universe in a fraction of a second. I have never heard an account of intergalactic astral projection, but I'm sure it could be done, and if not by earthlings, why not aliens?

Think about it. If humans supposedly have astral capabilities, why not aliens? The Alien-Astral Projection theory does not bring any more scientific sustenance to an already unscientific belief. However, astral projection does give another "valid" occult theory which overcomes some of the loopholes in the popular alien craft theory.

Super-advanced technology that defies physics would be unnecessary if aliens have mastered astral projection. Numerous accounts of astral encounters suggest that the astral body can take on different forms or shapes, glow, swirl, etc... and is not bound to the laws of physics. So it would make sense that ETs who want to fool human beings into thinking that they are traveling in ships, could make it appear that way. The rapid appearance and disappearance of alleged alien craft appear to behave in a similar way that the astral phantom might.

And this brings us to another interesting thought to ponder. What if the alien abduction experience is an astral one. Perhaps the astral body, not the physical body is abducted. This could account for the absence of scars or physical evidence on the body of the abductee. Many who have reported having implants inserted into their heads have been mystified to find no such evidence in skull x-rays. Many abductees report a lack of pain despite the painful sounding medical-like prodding and such. To my knowledge, the astral body would not feel pain. Those who do report feeling pain, or wake up from the abduction experience with scars or bruises of unknown origin, could be explained as the psychological-induced manipulation of the physical body brought on by a convincing experience as we have seen in Mara-type experiences.

The astral alien abduction can also explain the floating sensation most abductees report, telepathic communication, and the waking up to the seemingly unmoved physical body. What alleged aliens have been doing to humans over the last 50 years is similar to psychic vampyre attacks which we have covered before in the X-Project Magazine. (Click here for more.)

Many UFO believers have told me (told us) that one cannot use conventional (Earth) science and knowledge to explain something so phenomenal...so incomprehensible as the process to which aliens visit us. And although I have not ever seen it anywhere else, the astral projection theory would appear to be a logical one to the occultist mind, however unscientific it is to those who embrace the skeptical approach to such matters.

PLEASE NOTE: The X-Project Paranormal Magazine is NOT promoting the astral projection theory of alien transit as truth, but have posted this article for it's sole intellectual value.

Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > Astral Projection as a Means of ET Transportation

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