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Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > Cydonia City Square

Cydonia City Square
by Davy Russell
POSTED: April 98

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April 14, 1998 photo of the Cydonian City Square, thought to be a geometric network of structures, does not show anything unusual.

The mystery surrounding the so-called "Martian Face" suffered a bit earlier in April as the Mars Global Surveyor beamed back photographs of natural-looking rock formations instead of an unquestionably, intelligently-made face structure. A debate erupted. While the new findings confirmed the skeptical views of some, it failed to convince everyone, especially the die-hard UFO believers that Mars is not the home of Martians.

There is little to question now as the Mars Global Surveyor has once again photographed the Cydonian region of Mars on 14 April 1998. The so-called City Square, thought to be a geometric network of alien-made structures now show simple, eroded formations. Nothing appears to suggest intelligence ever lived on Mars.

NASA has been accused of sabotaging its own missions and withholding information to prevent the public finding out about actual extraterrestrials living on the neighboring planet. NASA has denied such accusations.

For twenty years, people have questioned the possible existence of intelligent life on Mars, and the Mars Face appeared to be evidence, however inconclusive. Twenty years later, the Mars Global Surveyor "flicked on the light switch" revealing that our preliminary conclusions weren't necessarily true.

You can read the X-Project's April 6th report on the Cydonian Face photos here.

"Photos Courtesy Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Copyright (c) California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. All rights reserved."

Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > Cydonia City Square

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