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Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > Alien Abductions

Alien Abductions
by Davy Russell
POSTED: February 98

* The following is a presentation of events which occur during an alien abduction. This information was obtained from many abduction reports that I have studied. *

The abduction experience usually begins with the visual perception of a bright white light in the sky, field, etc..., or the abductee's bedroom. Electronic devises and cars "go wild" or shut off. The abductee is paralyzed in some cases, allowed to move only his/her eyes. One or more aliens emerge from the craft/light and proceed to drag or "beam" the human into the ship.

Once inside, the abductee is stripped of clothing and is lying on a bed. (Some cases indicate that they were sitting up.) One or more aliens perform intrusive physical examinations: probing orifices, extracting bodily fluids such as blood or sperm, and take tissue and egg samples. Implants (believed to be tracking devices) are placed deep into the victims nose, eyelid, forehead, hand, or foot. Recovered implants have been tiny round balls, or triangular mineral-like objects, yet to be identified as alien in nature.

The tools used to perform these examinations are unlike familiar surgical tools used by doctors. In many cases, the abductee can't even describe them. Sometimes, the abductees are placed in machines.

Communication during an abduction is limited. The aliens do not explain much about what they are doing or why. Communication which does take place from alien to human appears to be telepathic. Victims also report a feeling of being under a hypnotic trance and that they are reading his/her mind. Communication among the aliens is either inaudible by the abductee or is spoken in an "alien" language. Some mass abduction reports indicate the presence of one or more humans undergoing the same abduction procedure. There is no communication from abductee to abductee. Each abductee senses that the others are "out of it". (I have read one report where there was telepathic communication among 2 humans and one alien.)

After the abduction procedure is completed, the victim is placed back in the same position he/she was before or released outside the ship.

Post Abduction Syndrome

Though some abductees can consciously remember the abduction experience, many can only recall the memory while under hypnosis. Those who are abducted usually exhibit some sort of physical side-effects from the experience known as Post Abduction Syndrome. The most common symptoms are:
1)Lost or missing time, usually 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours.
2)Frequent nose bleeds, sinus pain, pressure.
3)Nightmares of the abduction experience.
4)Looking at an object and feeling like one is looking at something else.
5)The presence of mysterious stains, bruises, needle marks, implants, scars, etc...
6)Deterioration of health, loss of hair, etc...


The abduction procedure appears to be highly structured and routine. Skeptics believe that abductions can be fabricated easily due to the vast amount of information available. Also, hypnosis is not a reliable memory enhancement. Instead, it increases the brains likeliness to fabricate. Some believe that a "true" abduction story can only be created by those who have gone through one.

Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > Alien Abductions

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