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Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > A Tardy God?

A Tardy God?
by Davy Russell
POSTED: April 98

According to the God's Salvation Church (a UFO cult), God was supposed to appear live on channel 18 all over the world at exactly 12:01 am CST, and again in person on March 31 in a flying saucer. As the cult, led by Chen Heng-Ming or "Teacher Chen", huddled around the TV waiting for the "divine celebrity" to make an appearance, there was only static.

The 150 member cult, who dresses in white from sneaker to cowboy hat, moved to Garland, Texas after concluding that it was "God's Country". They sold everything back in Taiwan so they could welcome God with a stash of crackers, fruit and soda. They also built a ship out of plywood and radial tires.

Chen said the group would not commit suicide as the Heaven's Gate cult did a year ago on March 31. Rather, all members are free to go, as they always have been. However, Chen said that he would give himself over for crucifixion or stoning if God did not come. He has now decided to stay in Texas to research more.

Chen claims to have fathered Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. His two sons, he says, are the incarnate Jesus and Buddha.

Despite the groups outrageous claims, neighbors do not mind having them in the community. The police said the cult members were model citizens, although the officers kept watch over the 165-house area where the cult lives to prevent a mass suicide if it should occur.

Experts say this cult, like many others, typically appear at the end of the century and millennium.


Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > A Tardy God?

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