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Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > Taiwanese UFO Cult Update

UFO Cult Moves on to Michigan
by Davy Russell
POSTED: April 98

After the God's Salvation Church (aka True Way, Chen Tao, God and Buddha Salvation Foundation, The Chinese Association of the Light and Soul, and God Saves the Earth Flying Saucer Foundation) realized that God wasn't coming to Earth in a UFO just yet, Hon-Ming Chen (the leader) said they will move to Michigan to wait for God at his new chosen landing site. Then God will shuttle the group of 160 to Gary, Indiana in a flying saucer (or "Godplane"). Chen and ten of his members plan to swing by Buffalo, NY on their way to Michigan.

Chen refuses to confess his prophesy that God would appear on Channel 18 and again in a UFO on March 31 was a failure. He did give the crowd of media, police, and neighbors five minutes in which to stone him. Nobody did.

Chen told the crowd that they had all become gods, and to deny it meant to deny God. To think of oneself as just bones and flesh would cause them to die in the Great Tribulation. According to Chen, the Tribulation, as described in the book of Revelations in the Bible, will occur in 1999 following 8 months of nuclear war in which China attacks Taiwan, the Middle East suffers a nuclear blast, and four fifths of the world's population will be killed. The United States will be spared. Then God will gather his chosen (over 100 million) in a flying saucer and save them from destruction.

Although some members expressed disappointment, most plan to follow Chen to Michigan, waiting for God to appear in his flying saucer.

In Chen's address to the media, he gave some (humorous) warnings about the near future stating that those who eat meat will be plagued with nightmares involving the dead animals, and indigestion; those who do not take good care of cars and trucks will be run over by them while sleeping in bed; and computers, toasters, refrigerators and other appliances will begin talking and moving around.

Other Notes About the G.S.C.

1) Chen has placed several adds in "The Province" and the "Vancouver Sun" looking for the "Jesus of the West", who he says is between 27-30 years old and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chen claims that he fathered Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, and one of his two sons is the incarnate "Jesus of the East", the other is Buddha.

2) Chen, a former Sociology Professor, started the group in 1950. He believes that he has played an influential role in history as God himself.

3) They study cloud formations as a part of their spiritual training. Chen believes that when God descends to Earth in his flying saucer, many others will appear along with it, but they will look more like clouds. Chen allegedly has a photograph showing a cloud which spells out the name "GOD".

4) Some negative aspects of the group involve rumors of violence and suicide, and the appearance of brainwashing or susceptibility towards brainwashing because of the groups "black and white" thinking methods. Although the group adamantly denies plans of mass suicide if their predictions do not come true, they display much of the same characteristics that the suicidal Heaven's Gate and Jonestown cults did. Chen appears to have great control of the cult, which causes people to fear a mass suicide attempt.

5) Interestingly, the G.S.C. allegedly charges $ 60,000 dollars to join the church, and as much as $ 60,000 dollars additionally to "secure a lift on the Godplane".

Read the X-Project's original report on this UFO cult on 25 March 1998 to get more info and photos.

Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens > Taiwanese UFO Cult Update

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