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Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > Ball Lightning

The Open Vault - Ball Lightning
First-hand report of possible ball lightning.


Ball Lightning is a bizarre phenomenon where eyewitness reports suggest that a ball of electricity floats in the air, instead of behaving like normal lightning. Ball lightning has been reported to pass through walls, turn corners, and usually explodes after a few seconds or a few minutes. It comes in many colours and sometimes makes a hissing sound. While some accept Ball Lightning as a natural phenomenon, there is no scientific explanation for it. Skeptics claim those who see it are simply tricked by optical illusions after seeing a flash of (regular) lightning.

SENT IN BY: Joe Muñoz

Almost 18 years ago, in the fall of 1983, my brother, a friend, and I had a very interesting experience.

I'm not sure of the exact day or month, but it was after daylight savings time because it was still before 7pm, but it was already getting dark. I was 16 years old, my brother's friend Adrian was 12 and my bother Danny, 11.

We were getting ready to play a quick game of street football; them against me. I was going to start the game off by throwing the ball to them. The sidelines were the curbs, and the "field" was the street between our mailbox and the mailbox of Adrian's house, three houses down. I was standing about 10 feet from our mailbox, and could clearly hear Danny and Adrian making plans about who was going to catch the ball and how they were going to get around me.

As I got ready to throw the ball, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a tree in the yard to my right had suddenly lit up. Although I noticed the light suddenly come on, I did not react. But then I heard branches snapping and cracking. As I turned to look at the tree, a green sphere popped out of the top of the tree. Danny and Adrian grew suddenly quiet.

The green ball slowly floated toward the street. It crossed the street about 20 feet in front of me. The sphere was about 10 feet off the ground. It was larger than a basketball, and seemed to be made of a clear material several inches thick. Inside the sphere there was a swirling viscous liquid, which reminded me of Prell shampoo; it was the same color and even seemed to have the same consistency. Around the sphere there was a glowing green fog which extended maybe two feet from the sphere's surface. There were small lightning bolts coming off the sphere's surface shooting off to the edge of the fog, but no farther.

This thing was so close to me and so absolutely physically real, that one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was that I could hit it and maybe knock it down with the Nerf football I was still holding. I cocked my arm back, and was about to throw the ball when another thought came through. If I was close enough to hit it, it was close enough to strike back. I slowly lowered my arm and continued to watch the sphere on its trip across the street. When it was right in front of me, I was able to hear the electric crackle of the lighting shooting off its surface. The sphere crossed the street, traveled across the lawn of the house next door to ours, came up to the house and then rose to follow the outline of the roof as it angled up. The sphere disappeared from our sight as it followed the roofline which angled down behind the house.

I don't know how long I continued to stare at the section of roof where I last saw the sphere. I just remember, looking back down the street to where Danny and Adrian were still standing, also quietly looking at the house. I don't remember if I yelled a warning or if I just threw the ball at them, but we simply resumed our game as if nothing had happened.

About five minutes later, Danny turned to me and asked, "Did you see that?"

I said, "Yeah."

"What was it?"

I replied, "I don't know"

"Let's go home. I'm scared!"

This seemed like a good suggestion to me, so we walked Adrian home and then ran up the street to our house.

The most scientific explanation I have ever gotten to explain what we saw is that we witnessed ball lightning.

-- Joe Muñoz

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Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > Ball Lightning

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