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Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > Danny 7

The Open Vault
First-Hand Paranormal Reports.

LOCATION: Savannah, Georgia, USA
DATE OF INCIDENT: September 1998.

My family and I have had what I feel is the ultimate experience of a lifetime with poltergiests in our home in Savannah, Georgia. Our story began in September 1998 when I purchased an antique oak bed as a Christmas present for my fifteen year old son, Jason; and he soon discovered that something was breathing down his neck everytime he laid down to sleep . He also had the strong impression that he was being watched. It wasn't long after that he actually felt something pressing down on the mattress behind him! This eerie scene was followed by toys that kept being pulled out of the closet and laid out upon his bed when he was out of his room. Soon pictures of his deceased grandparents, that were located on both sides of his bed, would not stay upright no matter how many times he would straighten them out.

He brought this first to his mother's attention, and they would straighten the pictures out and leave the room, shutting the door behind them for only a moment and then returning to find the photographs face down or switched from one side to the other! I was told by Lila and Jason that I should come downstairs and monitor their experiment with them. Lo and behold, the same thing happened over and over!

I felt a strong impulse to ask this spirit if his name might be "Casper", and was he a little six year old boy playing with toys in my fifteen year old son's room. I left out a sheet of paper and a pen for him to answer me. We all walked out of Jason's room and quietly closed the door behind us. In a moment we returned to find the sheet written on in an eerie childlike stick writting, "Danny 7". I felt a chill in the room and a stronger chill running down my back! We looked at each other in total amazement at the written sheet of paper on a storage box at the foot of Jason's bed.

The "Danny and the Haunted Bed" story will be on a new series of paranormal stories called "Really Scary Stories" on Fox Family Network in the fall. We had major paranormal investigators visit our home twice and declare our home inhabited by multiple intelligent poltergiests coupled with PK. Dr. William Roll, who headed Duke University Parapsychology Deptartment and is now at West Georgia University, and Dr. Andrew Nichols of City College in Gainesville, Florida, were the principal investigators. They have both been on recent "48 Hours" and "Sightings" programs. I have written a book I hope to have published as soon as I can land an agent and I am sure it will sell very well once the word is out. I have many more stories that were documented by my family and myself about intelligent poltergeists.

Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > Danny 7

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