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Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > A Strange Dream

The Open Vault
First-Hand Paranormal Reports.

A Strange Dream
SENT IN BY: Matthew

I have had a strange experience when I was 13. At the time my granddad was around 65 years old, in seemingly good health, and worked everyday in his large garden and orchard. We lived across town in Kentucky from him and my grandmother. We were pretty close but not extremely so - to be honest he had a serious accent and I couldn't understand most of what he said to me.

Usually I don't remember my dreams or if I do it is very vague recollection. The evening this happened I had been awakened from a very vivid dream by the phone ringing at around 2 in the morning. We didn't have an answering machine so it rang for quite awhile before I realized no one else was going to answer it and I had to get up.

I still remember the strange dream I was awoken from extremely well although it was 13 years ago. In my dream I was in the elementary school I had attended when younger. A bunch of my classmates were there and we were younger - maybe 8 or 9 years old. When we got to the library we sat down in the brightly colored plastic chairs they had. I remember they were blue and orange chairs with the shiny tubular metal legs and they were set up in rows with a isle down the center like at a church or funeral home. At the front of the center isle was a large bronze looking coffin sitting on top of the moveable reference island they had in the library. A person came into the library. I knew it was my grandfather somehow although he appeared to be nothing but empty loose beige wrappings. There was a large openings in the wrappings around his face and you could see the other side of the cloth because he was invisible. He came over and talked to me - I don't remember exactly what he said but it had something to do with him being okay and to be happy for him. After that he climbed into the coffin and was shutting the lid when the phone woke me up from the dream.

I answered the phone and it was my grandparents next door neighbor. He told me my granddad was very sick and to wake up my parents. They were still trying to wake up and told me they would call him back once they got out of bed. I got off the phone with him and before I could walk back to the bedroom the phone was ringing again. It was the neighbor. He said that I needed to get my parents on the phone right now b/c granddad was very, very sick. I roused my parents and they left me at home to go check on him. The next morning before school they told me he had died from a severe heartattack around the first time the neighbor was calling us.

I told my parents about it and they explained it as me dreaming after I went back to bed when they left. It struck me as sufficiently strange to disturb me and keeping me up for awhile after the phone calls though.

Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > A Strange Dream

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