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I'm a teacher. What I'm about to present to you is by all means the honest truth. I made the mistake of telling my peers about my experience and paid the price. A friend jabbed me all day long every time he bumped into me, "Who ya gonna call? Ghost buster!). By mid-day half of the campus had heard and for the rest of the day I got nothing but funny looks and giggles.

I had a computer lab at the time with 30 computers. We always had a full day except during our conference period. On this particular morning my assistant and I were sitting next to each other, each on a station catching up on some records we had to print. Now, before I continue, before college I had worked with U.S.D.A. therefore I knew quite a bit about plants, planting and grafting trees. Now keep in mind that this story is not spooky in the least. What it really is ... is incredible! While we were working he took a pause from his task and turned over to me and asked me to explain how citrus trees are grafted. He had a bit of a green thumb and was curious about the procedure. Our computers were about 2 feet apart because of some additional equipment I had there so I had a little bit of a workplace. I took a piece scratch paper and started sketching a tree and the details on grafting it. I had drunk a diet coke earlier ( my usual breakfast ) and had left the empty can right there in front of us. What happened next happened so quickly and defies all rational explanations. As I spoke the can began to inexplicably rise up into the air. It did not jump! It moved up gradually! It travelled up at least, to my recollection, about 1 1/2 feet. There it hovered for about 3 to 5 seconds and suddenly dropped. Our eyes were fixed on it immediately from the start. My assistant declared, " Whoa ! How did you do that Mr. Felix!!". I told him that I had not done anything and that I was as much supprised as he. We checked under the counter ... nothing! We inspected the can.... nothing! When we came back to our senses, of course, we tried to reset the can exactly in the same spot to see if maybe it would happen again and we'd be able to see some kind of evidence as to what cause it to levitate. Nothing happened. We talked about it for quite a while and decided to go to the teachers lounge to relate our story! BAD MISTAKE! We got teased so much I regretted having opened my mouth.

Now, one final note: That was not the only incident I experienced in that classroom. There were others. The building itself is very old and has numerous stories that some people claim are true. The following are a few of the events and incidents which have occurred on the premises:

1. A climbing rope rose straight out and began swaying. 2 witnesses. When they started pointing to it... it stopped suddenly.

2. A loud growl was heard in the computer lab on 2 seperate occasions. The first with a teacher and T. A. the second when the students were in there working. One student cried out, " Wow, sir did you hear that! It sounded like a dog!"

3. A metal rod hanging from a flag holder ( used to control the out of reach air-con settings ) started banging against the wall as if some one had pulled it up perpendicular to the floor and then let go.

4. Children claimed to have seen an elderly lady in the girls bathroom.

5. In the same bathroom girls claimed to have heard the faint laughter of little children.

Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > Gravity

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