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Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > Louisiana Haunting

SENT IN BY: Anonymous
LOCATION: Louisiana, USA

I am a 35 year old married mom of two. I have not had any experiences with ghosts in years (thank goodness), but have quite a story about when I was younger.

At the time, we were living in a very small community along the Mississppi River on a well known road called "River Road". This road stretches along side the Mississippi and directly across sat old homes, some that were long ago plantations.

I was about 6 or 7 at the time we moved into one of these older homes. My parents were informed at the time they signed the lease, that the previous family who lived there were terrified of the house and the mother would lock herself up in one room and not come out until her husband had returned from work. The rumor was that a brother and sister had shared the home before, for many many years and they had a rather unnatural relationship. The brother died in the home (in the room that was soon to become my own) and the sister not long after. Regardless, my parents were skeptics and laughed off the idea of a haunting. Of course, none of this was told to us kids at the time and it was only mentioned years later when we were much older.

There were the little happenings....typical haunting stuff like lights coming on during the middle of the night and electrician telling us that was absolutely nothing wrong with the wiring, doors opening and closing, footsteps, etc.

However, the frightening events I remember are as follows:

In my room were two single beds. I occupied one and the other was empty. However, one night I awoke and turned over in my sleep and I swear to this day that I saw someone sleeping in the other bed. There was a large lump and it rolled around.

I dismissed it as my mom or something, but it wasn't until I asked her about it the next morning that she denied it. Then there was the time my younger brother (only an infant then) was found missing from his crib one morning. My mother flew into a panic and demanded to know which one of us had him. When both my older brothers and I insisted we didn't have him, everyone in the house freaked. We found him in the living room asleep on the couch. He was only 6 months old and not able to get out of the crib or crawl.

One evening I remember seeing a tall thin man standing in the doorway to my room. I called out to my father (To this day, I do not know why....he is short and stocky) and the man walked over and pulled the covers up tightly around my chin and tucked them in very very tightly. I remember being slightly afraid, but then he took my Raggady Ann doll and wound it up. The next day I asked my father why he didn't answer me and he claimed he hadn't been in my room. What I found out later was that that very night was the death anniversary of the brother who died in my room. And my parents window (which would often shake uncontrollably) shook so hard that they were afraid it would crash to the floor).

Another night I remember waking up and seeing this horrible snarling dog fighting to come in thru my window. I was terrified. I told my mother about it the next morning and she said that maybe it was from a wild pack of dogs. However, I remember looking up at my window from outside the next day and realizing it was close to 20 feet off the ground. The home was built up ( I guess because of flooding from the river) and it was impossible for any dog to have climbed up there.

Well, I could go on and on, but I am glad to have moved and rid (knock on wood) myself of the happenings of ghosts.

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Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > Louisiana Haunting

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