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The Open Vault
First-Hand Paranormal Reports.

Paranormal Light
SENT IN BY: R. Esteves
LOCATION: San Francisco, California, USA

About 19 years ago, I had a friend that lived one block from me here in the heart of San Francisco. He shared a studio apartment with his mother in an apartment building containing about thirty units. The building had been bought and scheduled to be torn down in order to put in a parking lot. All the tenants, except my friend and his mom and an old lady above them, had relocated. Since the locks had been taken off all the empty apartments by the owners, and my friend didn't get along too well with his mother, he decided to use one of the empty units for his own. He chose one on the fourth floor (great views of the east bay because this was the highest building on the block) and it had no curtains or shades in it so we pulled out a bunch of black-out shades from the trash at a local school.

One night, which was very clear, I was in the apartment with my friend and another friend of ours talking. We had the shades pulled all the way down so that absolutely no light could come in from the street. There were no lights in the building because the power to the building had been shut off. So as we are talking I noticed a circle of light about the size of a golf ball forming on the black-out shade. There was no light or beams crossing the room to the shade. The circle of light widened to about ten inches and went back to it's original size then started crossing the room very slowly. Not like a beam of light but like a stick being poked through the window and slowly crossing the room (since we were on the opposite side of the room you could actually see the "tip"of the light as it crossed). The beam was about 1.5 inches in diameter and the only way that I can describe the color is between gold and copper.

As the light crossed the room I noticed that my friend that lived there had stopped talking and was now in a trance-like state; our other friend was crying hysterically; I was the only one that was normal. As it reached the wall opposite the window it again flexed from the small spot to the size of a small plate and back to the small spot (the whole time the beam never broke; that is why it reminded me of a stick being slowly pushed through the window and across the room). It slowly climbed the wall and, when it reached the joint of the ceiling and the wall, it exploded with noise like when you turn on a light and the bulb blows out. As it "exploded" it literally soaked the entire apartment the way a liquid bomb would.

I had the time to look into the kitchen and bathroom and everything was lit up with this almost blinding light (even underneath things and around corners away from the source!). The apartment remained soaked for at least twenty seconds then just like a vacuum all the light sucked back to the spot where the wall and the ceiling meet, the circular pattern widened and restored its size to the small size, moved back down the wall to where it had originally landed on the wall after it came across the room, flexed again (in size) and slowly moved back across the room, just like a stick being pulled out. When it reached the blind that it came through it flexed its size one time more and totally disappeared. I got to the window within a second or two of the light disapearing and raised the shade and looked out and there was nothing. From the angle that it came in it would have had to be at least as high as the building we were in and this was the highest building in the neighborhood.

As soon as the light disapeared, my two friends were fine, although only the one that was hysterical recalled the experince-the other never even realized that he'd stopped talking. I haven't let very many people know about this but do you have any idea what the hell happened? Please let me know if you've heard of anything like this.

Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > Paranormal Light

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