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UFO Report: Nevada, USA
LOCATION: Hwy. 78 in Nevada, USA

My husband and I drive an 18 wheeler for a living and we had picked up a load in Oregon going to New Jersey. We decided it would be shorter to go through the mountains of Oregon and, consequently, we would wind up on hwy. 78 in Nevada.

We had stopped for a bite to eat and coffee at a small diner and left after about 1 hour. If you have ever been on hwy. 78 you know that there isn't much out that way. It was still very early in the evening, but was dark already. As we were in route, I told my husband that he should look over to my side, (the passenger side) at the bright shining star. No sooner than I had said that, this bright shining "star" started moving. It moved along side the truck, then went to the front of the truck. After a few seconds it started flashing red and white, then proceeded to go over to his side of the truck. All of a sudden it zoomed to the rear of the truck and stayed there for quite a while.

We were getting very nervous at this time. We were the only vehicle out on the road at this time. It was very dark also, being that there are no houses or businesses. There might be a few houses, but believe me, they are few and very, very far apart. Then it just disappeared. We were calming down when all of a sudden it appeared to be landing in the middle of the hwy. ahead of us. It shone with all kinds of lights, and I asked my husband if maybe there could be a small town ahead or road construction. He assured me that there were no small towns and no road work. As we approached the lights, we came to a small hill. Then the lights were gone. Nothing! We were really glad but when we finally did come up to a truck stop several miles ahead in a small town in Nevada, we noticed that the time was a lot later than we had thought. When we left the diner it was approx. 7:30-8:00 p.m. and we only went approx. 125-130 miles and it had taken us about 5 to 6 hours. We do not have any memory of abduction or anything of that sort but we did lose some hours somewhere.

Professional independent contractor, age 50. This incident has affected me enough to purchase a computer to research the phenomena. I am very leery about having the story put out for the world to read, but it is the whole truth.

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Home > Open Vault > Vault Archives > UFO Report

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